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Metalargentumradio es un sitio sin fines de lucro, no cobra a las bandas por difundirlas, la misma es totalmente gratuita. Este sitio fue diseñado con el único fin de difundir lamúsica que amamos y  no de ganar dinero gracias a las bandas.

Todo material que se escuche en metalargentumradio es cedido por los sellos discográficos y bandas, a través de sus respectivos Press kit, para difundir su arte.

Metalargentumradio no se hace responsable de los contenidos de cada programa radial que se retransmite en el sitio, cada programa es responsable de sus dichos y contenidos.

Cualquier sugerencia mandar mail a

Muchas gracias.


3 comentarios en “Contacto

  1. Hello,

    My name is Scott Thomas and I am the PR Rep. for this incredibly talented group of musicians and recording artists The Road Vikings. We are in the process of gaining more exposure. Please click the links below to review the band’s hard hitting metal music, videos, hi-rez photos, and more. If you would like a CD, please don’t hesitate to reach back out to me…

    Kind Regards,


    The Road Vikings
    The Road Vikings survey the stagnant musical landscape before blazing a new path distinctly their own. Grab your heavy metal armor, climb aboard and ride!

    The Road Vikings, set to detonate in 2015

    A world-class metal recording, the CD boasts killer sound, unshakeable musicianship, mind-warping guitar solos and engaging songwriting. Ten songs of brotherhood, war, conquest, the fight for freedom, and the real-life hazards of being a modern-day pirate, authored by someone who has lived it.

    Hear the new release in its entirety via Soundcloud
    (password-protected private listing of all tracks on the new release is as follows):

    The Road Vikings: “Requiem of an Outlaw Biker” music video

    Official Press Kit:


    For media information, please contact:

    Media Publicist:

    Scott Thomas


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